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Matteo Mazzù is a Belgian electric bass player, improviser and composer currently living in Amsterdam.


After spending his teenage years playing in bands playing music ranging from reggae to death

metal, Matteo discovered the world of jazz in 2014. He then studied in the Conservatoire Royal de

Bruxelles with Michel Hatzigeorgiou (Aka Moon) for three years, before moving to Amsterdam to

pursue his studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where he pursued a bachelor and a masters degree in Jazz Bass Guitar.


Since 2014, Matteo has been very active as a musician performing with acts in all kinds of genres, ranging from indie and hip-hop to electronic music and jazz, as well as multidisciplinary collaborations with multi-media artists, storytellers, tap dancers…


He has recorded and performed with, among others: Oracle Sisters, Jozef Dumoulin, Mark Schilders, Melissa Aldana, Antoine Pierre, PEET, Bart Wirtz, Guillaume Vierset, Jasper Blom…

Some of Matteo’s regular projects include WAAN (NL), Guillaume Vierset’s EDGES (BE), Chai Masters (NL), Amarea (ES/NL), Chaerin Im (KR),… with whom he has performed in venues and festivals in the USA, UK, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Denmark, France, Romania…

Matteo is also an active part of Neon River, an Amterdam-based band whose music can best be described as an electronic indie dance experimentation where the goal is to make everyone move all night long, until sunrise.

Photo: Simon Schoo

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