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Photo: Teresa Costa

Sitting somewhere between a modern jazz band and a post-rock act, Tumult is a new international quintet put together by bassist Matteo Mazzù.

It features some of Amsterdam’s upcoming creative musicians, and is fueled by the desire of finding a unique and personal sound by combining elements of the musicians’ vast sources of inspiration. 

Aiming to blur any stylistic line, Tumult’s music combines daring melodies with floating atmospheric landscapes and dual-guitar attacks. As they weave in and out of written material, the band members navigate through musical and emotional landscapes without ever compromising the improvisational heart of their work, creating performances which are sure to captivate the adventurous listener.



Hristo Goleminov - Tenor saxophone

Fabien Vuattoux - Electric guitar

Massimo Imperatore - Electric guitar

Ilia Rayskin - Drums

Matteo Mazzù- Electric Bass, Compositions

Thanks to Notreble for the article about Bardamu:

Tumult on radio! 

Thanks to Sublime FM for playing "The Road" by Tumult on their programme "Dutch jazz" hosted by Bart Wirtz and Rolf Delfos.

You can listen back to it here at minute 27:

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